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AdReflex Enterprise is a platform of five tightly integrated internet applications. Designers can easily deploy complex enterprise environments that are fast, secure and scalable. Developers get open access to the platform through an API and a marketplace for Engines & Widgets. The platform is designed around the five action models for web-based content.

  1. promotion 
  2. e-commerce
  3. lead generation
  4. social & focused communities
  5. self-help

AdCRM:  contacts, accounts, tasks, outbound e-mail campaigns, email templates, organize with tags

AdCMS:  create, proof, and publish SEO ready content such as blogs, web sites or e-commerce sites.  Secure team access to content in sandbox mode. 

AdCommerce:  sell products and services, manage a catalogue, process credit card transactions, sell digital or physical products, recurring billing, manage inventory 

AdMail:  manage outbound email marketing via CRM, stay secure on seperate IP addresses for outbound campaigns, enterprise email on Outlook Exchange or Smarter Mail  

AdTeams: organize and lead teams, custom team environments, manage workflows, e-Learning surveys and evaluations, project management, HR management  





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